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13 Dec 20212022 is the year for confronting ‘chaos’ in audit and accounting
4 Nov 2021Audit improves but problems and uncertainties remain
1 Sep 2021Crisis in local audit
28 Jan 2021Hopes and fears for 2021
6 Nov 2020FRC report fails to confront “mess”
15 Sep 2020Redmond Review fails to address key issues
18 Aug 2020Audits worsen as watchdog demands improvement
14 Apr 2020No accounts simplification for 2019/20
23 Mar 2020COVID-19 and production of the accounts
20 Dec 2019Audit 2019 was a bust – let’s hope it gets better
6 Aug 2019The state of local government audit
6 Apr 2019Public interest wobbles the Prudential Framework
4 Jan 2019Audit and accounts outlook 2019
5 Dec 2018Sale and leaseback – the accounting lowdown
17 Sep 2018Looking ahead to the 2018/19 Statement of Accounts
13 Jun 2018Prepare for a deep dive into lease accounting
24 Apr 2018Do we need a statutory override for IFRS 9?
8 Mar 2018IFRS 9 and impairment are no April fool
31 Jan 2018Closedown 2017/18 leaves little time to relax
4 Dec 2017Prudential Framework consultation
30 Oct 2017The most complicated accounting standard ever issued
13 Sep 2017Troubles with the auditor? Maybe it’s not you
19 Jun 2017Expanding your property portfolio? Prepare for the auditors
14 Mar 2017The auditor’s dreaded knock on the door
30 Jan 2017Plotting the big audit and accounting events ahead
28 Nov 2016Making sure your MRP is “just right”
25 Jul 2016Impact of Brexit on local authority accounting
17 May 2016Living in a material world
4 Apr 2016Thumb twiddling risks in auditor appointments
12 Jan 2016MRP policy ripe for review
9 Dec 2015The reserves iceberg
20 Oct 2015In defence of local authority accounting
15 Sep 2015Special purpose companies, geese and golden eggs
20 Jul 2015LOBOs controversy
17 Mar 2015Accounts and Audit Regs 2015
10 Feb 2015Break up of the Audit Commission
17 Dec 2014Accounts and audit prospects for 2014/15
10 Nov 2014Getting the best from your external audit teams
19 Aug 2014Getting the most from your external audit reports
15 May 2014Getting your external auditors working for you

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