Miggi Goes to School

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The teacher has asked Miggi the famous space monkey to come to the school to give a talk about what it was like to be an astronaut.

Miggi takes the space souvenirs that he thinks the children will be most interested in out of a big box.
Make sure that the Astrobar gets to school!!

Miggi had to make a model of the space ship since NASA wouldn’t let him have the rocket. (This model is actually quite good for a memorably messy monkey).

He made some posters to put up on the walls.

And he collected together enough bananas for everyone to have one each.

Miggi was very excited. It was the first time he had been allowed in the car to go to school.

The teacher had set up a big table for Miggi because she thought he might bring some souvenirs with him. Miggi decided it would be best not to climb on it.

This is what it looked like when Miggi had finished setting up.

The class waited for Miggi to start his talk. Miggi was quite happy now the kids were quiet. He tried to speak but no noise came out! He got nervous … then everyone remembered all at once ...

But there is one thing that Miggi is very good at. He is a monkey after all. He went ab-so-lute-ly ...

Flying fruit went everywhere!
The children thought it was the best talk ever.

The teachers thought something a little bit different.